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Commercial Cleanout Services in Seattle

Big Haul can clean out your office, warehouse or other commercial spaces! Snohomish and King County’s #1 Foreclosure and Eviction Clean Out Company!

Commercial properties often fill up with things left behind by previous residents or acquired over time. These items often include office equipment, furniture, trash, or other unwanted items.

Most building owners or occupants don't have time to remove junk from commercial properties. Besides being time-consuming, getting heavy or hazardous items out of a commercial building can be dangerous.

A commercial cleaning service removes all unwanted items, even heavy ones. You and your employees also save time by leaving commercial cleanouts to cleaning services in Seattle.

Here's a closer look at how the professional cleaners at Big Haul Junk Removal quickly and safely handle your commercial cleanout in Seattle, WA.

Why Choose Big Haul for Your Commercial Cleanout Needs?

With so many commercial cleaning services available, why choose Big Haul Junk Removal? We have five great reasons.

1. Experience and Expertise

Since 2009, Big Haul Junk Removal proudly serves people and businesses in the greater Seattle area. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to turn any worn-down or junk-filled commercial space into a healthy and welcoming environment.

Our professionals follow all Washington state laws regarding safe recycling and disposing of electronic or e-waste and hazardous materials. We're also licensed, bonded, and insured in Washington.

2. Quick and Efficient Cleanout

You and your employees can't conduct business in dirty buildings. That's why Big Haul Junk Removal takes care of your commercial cleaning needs safely, efficiently, and on-time. With our speedy junk removal service, you'll be back to business as normal in no time!

3. Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

When your business chooses Big Haul Junk Removal, it gets much more than a professional commercial cleaning company. We're all about giving back and being environmentally friendly.

Our company continuously trains and updates our staff on what items Washington's donation sites will accept. Big Haul Junk Removal doesn't just haul everything to a landfill. We donate and recycle everything possible, keeping it out of landfills while contributing to a healthier environment.

4. Competitive Pricing

These days, almost everything is getting more expensive. Big Haul Junk Removal believes you shouldn't have to spend a fortune for a clean commercial space. That's why our business offers affordable prices on all our cleaning services.

5. Superior Customer Service

Big Haul Junk Removal knows it's not the only commercial cleaning service in Seattle, Washington. But we're confident no other cleaning company offers our level of superior customer service.

Whether you talk to us on the phone, through emails, or in person, we'll always treat customers and their properties with the respect they deserve.

Our Commercial Cleanout Process

Does your business need a commercial cleanout in Seattle? If you don't know where to start, here's a closer look at how we complete the commercial cleaning process.

Initial Consultation and Free Quote

The first step is to reach us by calling, emailing, or visiting our website. During this consultation, we'll learn the details and scope of your commercial cleaning project. Then, we'll give you your free quote—it's that easy!

Scheduling the Cleanout

If you accept our free quote for professional cleaning services, one of our employees works with you to schedule a date and time to remove your junk.

The Cleanout Process

On the day you request our Seattle commercial cleaning services, we'll give you a courtesy call as we're on our way. Next, our friendly commercial cleaners will introduce ourselves and take an on-site look at what needs removing.

Then, knowing exactly what we need to remove, we'll provide you with an upfront quote with no hidden fees or additional charges. You get one price that covers everything. After accepting this quote, our Seattle commercial cleaning crew removes and hauls off your unwanted items.

Disposal and Recycling

After our commercial cleaning work is complete, Big Haul Junk Removal always recycles or donates what we can. We bring new or gently-used items to nearby shelters and other local charitable organizations whenever possible.

We also work to keep e-waste, furniture, clothing, toys, and more from going to landfills. Instead, these donations go into the hands of people or companies around Seattle, WA, that can use them.

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Types of Commercial Cleanouts We Handle

There's no commercial job too big or small—we do it all! Here's more information about several common industries we serve.

Office Cleanouts

It's hard to work safely in an office building full of trash and unwanted items. Cluttered offices can also be fire hazards or workers' compensation lawsuits waiting to happen. Protect your business, property, and employees with our office cleanout service. Our office cleaning services can transform any commercial property into a clean and healthy workplace.

Our office cleanouts remove:

• Desks

• Chairs

• Tables

• Filing cabinets

• Cubicles

• Boxes and much more

Retail Store Cleanouts

Making a great first impression on potential customers is impossible in a retail building full of trash. Whether you need a few things removed or an entire building full of junk cleaned out, no job is too big or small for our commercial cleaning company.

We work with department stores, supermarkets, boutiques, and other retail companies throughout Seattle, WA. Contact us for a clean environment that any retail customer or tenant will love.

Warehouse Cleanouts

Warehouses are fast-paced environments where safety always counts. Keep your company's warehouse safe with a cleanout from Big Haul Junk Removal. No matter the size or scope of your warehouse cleaning project, our hard-working crew will complete the job.

Construction Site Cleanouts

Construction sites full of wood, metal, glass, and other debris can be difficult and hazardous to remove by yourself. Fortunately, our construction site cleaning service will cleanout anything you want removed.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Money Does a Commercial Cleanout Cost?

Big Haul Junk Removal charges each customer based on how much space their items take up in one of our trucks. You can check out our homepage for in-depth pricing information.

How Long Will a Commercial Cleanout Take?

When your business needs a commercial cleanout in Seattle, it's understandable to want this task completed ASAP. While we'd love to give you an exact duration, all commercial cleaning jobs are different. But we'll do our best to complete your commercial cleanout as fast as safely possible.

What Disposal Methods Does Big Haul Junk Removal Use?

Big Haul Junk Removal uses specialty trucks to remove junk from commercial properties. Then, we'll donate anything local charities accept and recycle what we can.

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Testimonials and Reviews from Our Satisfied Seattle Customers

A reviewer who worked with our company multiple times for cleanouts and remodeling debris removal said we're "always a pleasure to deal with" and our crew was "polite and hard-working."

One Yelp reviewer working for a local assisted living community had positive things to say after we removed appliances from this business. The reviewer called our company "professional and timely." This person also noted that we were "accommodating."

Another reviewer noted their experience after contacting us for commercial cleaning services. This reviewer needed us to remove several older, extremely heavy office desks and some chairs. This reviewer was "very happy" with our work. This person also noted our staff was "very friendly, professional, and efficient."

Check out our reviews page to see what other people and companies have to say about our commercial cleanout company.

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