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Hiring a Licensed Professional VS. “The Hauler with a Truck”

Why us? Professional Junk Removal

Being in the junk Removal Industry for almost 11 years I can say without pause I have heard, and seen this time, and time again. Homeowners, and businesses hiring unknown, unlicensed, uninsured persons with a truck, and “Good deal.” I have heard horror stories from- “I gave them all my money up front, They never came back to do the job!”

“I hired a cheaper alternative hauler from a shading internet advertising site to save money. the junk hauler that came out fell on my property, was hurt, and is now suing me because they weren’t insured.”

“The hauler that came out was throwing items into their truck, one of the items bounced out, cracked my car window- We agreed they would fix it. They don’t have a business license, or insurance. Now I have to pay 500$ deductible to replace it!”

“I hired a person with a truck from a handwritten flyer left in my mailbox. He gave me a quote which sounded like a great deal!, I was strapped for cash and agreed to the work. Once the hauler was done loading up and I paid in cash, he drove off. Upon inspection of my home I noticed money, jewelry missing, Stolen! The hauler turned their phone off, changed their number and did not have a business card, Nor signs on the truck! I’m not even sure the name they gave me was real!”

Being a business owner, and consumer I fully understand being frugal, and wanting to save money. With the high rising costs of housing, car’s, gas, groceries, and services. It’s getting even harder to save a buck. But saving money, sometimes does not always mean you are getting a good deal. If it’s too good to be true… most of the time unfortunately it’s true.

But there are lesser expensive options out there then the leading national brands. You just have to do your homework- get an estimate, compare pricing, truck size, availability. But always… always make sure you know who you are hiring. This includes licensing, insurance, bonds, et. You may be paying a bit more than the “person with the truck”. But that small additional extra amount of money you are paying the licensed outfit not only covers you and your property, but also your piece of mind. Give us a call today! 877-770- HAUL(4285)