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How to Remove a Hot Tub

So you want to learn how to remove a hot tub? The process might not be the easiest thing on Earth, but by following the correct steps and exercising the best practices, you can learn how to dispose of a hot tub with someone that’s always been there for you… yourself! Our guide will give you the DIY knowledge you need to disconnect, cut up, and haul away your hot tub. You can do it!

Learn to Remove a Hot Tub By Yourself!

Let’s not kid ourselves… getting stuck with an old hot tub that nobody uses anymore is no fun at all. Sometimes, they’ll even fill up with nasty water, leaves, and green sludge. What is that green sludge, anyway? Moss? Mold? Whatever it is, it’s another reason to get rid of your hot tub ASAP. The question is, how? It’s a little more complicated than your average appliance removal, that’s for sure.

Don’t worry. With our handy guide, you’ll know how to remove a hot tub in no time. It’s a lengthy process, but it’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it and have to correct tools for the job.

We’ll look at the following steps during this guide:

  • Disconnecting

  • Draining

  • Cutting

  • Disposal


Whether you want to know how to remove a hot tub from inside your house or how to remove a hot tub from a deck, there’s one thing that’s absolute no matter what sort of spa you’re working with: you have to disconnect it first. We cannot overstress the importance of this. It is of utmost urgency that you disconnect your hot tub from plumbing, gas, and especially the power.

Working on a hot tub removal while it is still connected to your electricity is an extremely severe risk. Electrocution can result in severe injury or even death. Avoid these risks by double-checking that your hot tub is disconnected from the power, plumbing, and gas before progressing to later steps.

Again, since we can’t overstate it: be sure to disconnect your hot tub from the power.


Once your tub is disconnected, the next step is to drain your hot tub. Otherwise, you’ll be working around a bunch of water (which we don’t recommend).

  • One of the easiest ways to drain the tub is to simply use the built-in drain spigot, if available.

  • You can also rent or purchase a pump to drain the hot tub. Place the pump in the water and drain using a hose.

  • Got a few extra hands? If outdoors, you can even try your hand at just dumping the tub out onto the lawn.


Hot tubs can be hard to carry around, which is why cutting them up can prove to be helpful. Of course, you’ll need the correct tools and knowledge to pull it off.

  • Sawing a hot tub apart can create harmful dust particles and create a risk of injury.

  • To be best prepared, be sure to wear protective eyewear, gloves, and ear plugs.

  • Use a reciprocating saw (Sawzall) to slice through the hot tub.

  • Carefully cut the tub into several easy-to-manage pieces for the best results.


Finally, now that you’ve handled all those steps, you’re onto the last part: disposal.

With your hot tub sliced into several pieces, you’ll find that transporting it around is a much simpler process. Just pick up each piece of the tub and haul it to your curb if your local trash pickup will accept it. If not, it’s in your hands to find a proper disposal site. Your local dump will allow you to bring it to them for a fee. Alternatively, you may have recycling options nearby worth checking out.

In either case, once you’ve gotten rid of those pieces, the hot tub removal process is complete! Enjoy your newly opened space.

Don’t Want to Do It Alone?

Let’s be honest. Hot tub removal isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are a lot of steps involved, and some of them involve expensive equipment and risks of injury. For some experienced remodelers and DIY-ers, this might be right up your alley, but it’s not for everyone. Don’t have the time or skills to handle the job alone? Don’t worry. The Big Haul team can handle your hot tub removal needs for you instead!

Hot Tub Removal by Big Haul

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