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Now Serving newly expanded area with more trucks. Accepting jobs from Shoreline to Lynnwood, including Bothell, Woodinville, Monroe, and Kenmore.

Appliance Removal Services

Big Haul can pick up and remove your old appliances!

Getting Rid of Old Refrigerators

Have an old refrigerator that's become a burden to deal with? Perhaps it's a large, clunky one that no longer works as it should, and trying to restore it seems like too costly and time taking. Well, worry not, because that's where our expertise lies! Our team excels at removing old refrigerators, and we have helped many families in Seattle sort out their refrigerator problems.

Old applaince Removal

Washer & Dryer Removal

Your old washer and dryer may have seen better days. They may be making strange noises, or they just don't clean your clothes like they used to. Don't stress about how to move them. Our experts at Big Haul can easily handle this. They will come, unplug your machines, and move them out of your home with care. This leaves you with more room for the new ones you’ve been eyeing at the store.

Washer and Dyer Removal Services

Stove Removal

If your old stove is not working properly or you've decided to upgrade your kitchen, you need someone reliable to remove it. That’s where Big Haul comes in. We’re not just good at removing stoves; we excel at it. We take the time to disconnect it properly and carefully move it out of your home. We know how heavy stoves can be, so we make sure to do this in a way that doesn't damage your floors or walls.


Fridge Removal

Fridges are large, heavy, and tough to move, especially when they're tucked away in a tight corner of your kitchen. Don’t risk hurting your back or damaging your kitchen trying to do this yourself. The team at Big Haul is here to handle it. We know exactly how to maneuver your old fridge out the door, no matter where it's located. We handle every fridge removal job with utmost care, ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience for you.

Other Appliances We Remove

In addition to the big appliances, we’re also here to help you with the smaller ones. Maybe it’s an old microwave that’s been sitting unused on your countertop or a dishwasher that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Big Haul’s team of professionals is ready to step in. No matter the size or type of appliance, we carry it out with the same dedication and professionalism. We make getting rid of your old appliances easy, giving you one less thing to worry about.

What We Do with Your Old Appliances

At Big Haul, we care about our environment. That's why we make sure to get rid of your old appliances in a way that's friendly to our planet. We try to recycle them when we can, and sometimes we even donate them to local charities. We make sure to use recycling centers in Seattle like American Shredding, West Seattle Recylcing, and North Recycling and Disposal Station that do the right thing with your old appliances.

We also help out with many other kinds of cleaning jobs. If you're dealing with unwanted furniture, need help cleaning up after an eviction, or if there's a lot of construction debris, we're here to help. Even if you're dealing with something as big as a foreclosure cleanout or as specific as hot tub removal, Big Haul is ready to make your space clean and clutter-free again.

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