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Now Serving newly expanded area with more trucks. Accepting jobs from Shoreline to Lynnwood, including Bothell, Woodinville, Monroe, and Kenmore.

Hot Tub Removal Services

With Big Haul, you can get the full-service hot tub removal you need without breaking the bank!

About Our Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs can be frustrating to get rid of. If you could, you’d probably haul it away yourself, but it’s simply too heavy for you to handle. In some cases, hot tubs are below-ground and encased in cement, which makes hot tub removal a real challenge. Don’t worry. Big Haul is ready to take on the job. We’ve got the tools and the team necessary to get rid of your hot tub, whether it’s in the ground or not.

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Your Go-To Solution

Big Haul, based in Seattle, is experienced in taking many types of junk. Take a look at our Services page to get an idea of what we get up to. It’s a rare occasion that we shy away from a job. Needless to say, we can get rid of your hot tub—and for a good price, too!

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The Big Haul Difference

Big Haul is the best choice for your hot tub removal when compared to our competitors, especially national “big box” chains. Why’s that? Well, for a few reasons:

  • Chains have to send money to a corporate office, making them costlier for you.

  • They’re also out-of-touch with our communities. Choose local instead!

  • We’re friendlier and work harder than your typical chain business.

  • Best of all, we won’t swindle you with hidden fees!


Depending on the materials, hot tubs can be recycled in order to minimize our impact on local landfills and the planet as a whole. That’s why Big Haul does what we can to take your old hot tub and send it off for recycling. Let’s protect our environment together!


Hot Tub Removal Cost

Hot tub removal shouldn’t have to put a hole in your wallet. That’s why Big Haul strives to provide you with a service that’s more affordable than the competition.

  • Our upfront quotes let you know final prices ahead of time.

  • Additionally, cost estimates for your job are free and readily available.

  • We accept traditional payments, including cash, check, and card.

  • Of course, you’ll never encounter a hidden fee or charge with us.

Schedule Hot Tub Disposal

Want to schedule an appointment? Then call us or book online to get started. We’ll be happy to provide you with a cost estimate and to help you choose a day for your appointment. For your convenience, we even offer same-day and next-day availability.

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During Your Appointment

The hot tub removal process is simple with Big Haul!

  • Firstly, show us the hot tub in question.

  • Then, accept our upfront quote, and we’ll get to work.

  • If necessary, we’ll drill and cut through concrete as thoroughly as possible.

  • Then, we’ll haul that hot tub away. Good riddance!

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