Now Serving newly expanded area with more trucks. Accepting jobs from Shoreline to Lynnwood, including Bothell, Woodinville, Monroe, and Kenmore.

Junk Removal in Redmond

There’s no need to haul it all yourself when Big Haul Junk Removal is here to help! Our full-service team is ready for your Redmond junk removal project.

We’re Never Far Away

There’s all sorts of important things located in and around Redmond, Washington—Microsoft headquarters, the Sammamish River, and Big Haul! We’re a locally owned business that has served Washington communities for more than ten years.

About Big Haul

So, who are we?

  • Big Haul Junk Removal is a group of professional junk haulers, operating right here in Washington since 2009.
  • Our mission is to provide the Redmond area with affordable, high-quality service.
  • We’re always ready to give our 5-star service to each and every client!

What Do We Charge?

Our pricing policy is easy. The more space your junk takes up in our truck, the more the job costs. No incomprehensible cost calculations here. Just one method that results in a manageable bill that doesn’t break the bank.

Garbage and donations being put into a junk removal truck

Donations and Recycling

Big Haul Junk Removal is committed to keeping whatever we can out of the landfill. We take what we can to Redmond’s local charities, and strive to recycle any materials we can. Our eco-friendly policies keep our impact on the planet at a minimum.

Contact Us Today!

Truth is, junk removal in Redmond isn’t going to do itself. But, the good news is that, thanks to Big Haul, you don’t have to deal with it, either! Don’t hesitate to give us a call or book online today.

Junk removal in Redmond, WA