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Junk Removal in Renton

Why settle for some guys off Craigslist with a pickup truck when you can let the professionals handle the job? No happy accidents, no hidden fees. Just Big Haul workers in uniform doing what they do best.

Junk Removal Near You!

Did you know that Big Haul Junk Removal has operated locally in the areas around Renton for more than a decade? We’re practically as close as Lake Washington and the Cedar River. What’s more, we’re always ready to get our hands on the next job!

About Big Haul

Big Haul Junk Removal came from humble beginnings. Locally owned since 2009. We embrace the Renton Community as our home base.

How Does Junk Removal in Renton Work?

  1. Give us a call or book online to get in touch with one of our Big Haul employees.
  2. You’ll get an over-the-phone estimate and a 2-hour arrival window for our team.
  3. Once we take a look at the haul in-person, we give you a firm, in-person, one-time quote.
  4. Give us the green light, and Big Haul Junk Removal can get started right away!


Take a look at our pricing guide for more information about how we calculate the costs. It’s all based on the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck—no nonsensical hidden fees that other businesses seem to rely on so much.

Two employees performing junk removal services

Recycling and Donating

At Big Haul, we recycle a large amount of what we haul off clients’ properties. What’s more, we also donate lightly used housewares. Here is just a small offering of the local charities that can benefit from your old junk.

Give Us a Call!

Think you’re ready for our junk removal in Renton? Don’t wait any longer—you’ve already found the best business for the job. Call us or book online today to get Big Haul Junk Removal on the job!

Junk removal in Renton, WA