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Sammamish Junk Removal

Big Haul is ready to take on junk removal in Sammamish, WA!

Junk removal expert hauling construction debris

The Sammamish Junk Removal Professionals

Let’s keep Sammamish nice and tidy with junk removal! Whether you own a happy home or a busy business, we understand that junk can sometimes sneak up on you, leaving you with a cluttered property. Oh, no!

When this happens, you’ve got two options: deal with it yourself, or get in touch with Big Haul for help. So, save yourself the time and trouble of a strenuous junk removal job and let our guys get it done for you.

We’re Ready to Haul!

Our locally owned business is open seven days a week, meaning there’s always an employee ready to take your call. Clients from all across our service areas can get the appointments they need when they need them, even if they’re on the weekends. We’ve got plenty of availability for Sammamish junk removal. Get in touch with us and see for yourself how soon we can haul junk for you!

Hauling Junk of All Kinds

We have almost every kind of junk removal that you can think of. So no matter what sort of junk you’ve got cluttering up your home or business, you can trust that Big Haul can lift it up and carry it away!

Garbage and donations being put into a junk removal truck
Garbage and donations being put into a junk removal truck

Always On Time

Tired of waiting around for the service you need? You’re never left twiddling your thumbs with Big Haul. When you schedule your appointment, we give you a 2-hour arrival window. Additionally, you can expect us to drop you a courtesy call when we’re on our way to your location. It’s convenient and respectful for you, our client.

Cost of Sammamish Junk Removal

We strive to provide junk removal services at a price that leaves our clients wanting more. After all, we see more in our customers than money. We see people.

  • Get an estimate. We’re happy to approximate the price of your appointment if you call us and ask.
  • Upfront quotes. We’ll quote you upfront and let you know the final cost of our services from the get-go.
  • All-inclusive. Our quotes include all charges. This means no hidden fees ever. That’s a promise.
Paying for junk removal services over the phone

Hauling Away the Junk

Where does all that junk go when we truck it away? In order to reduce the amount of waste we drop off at landfills, we recycle what we can, including metal, plastic, glass, and cardboard. On top of that, lightly used belongings can be taken to local donation drop-offs, making a positive impact on our community.

Schedule Sammamish Junk Removal

We’re standing by and awaiting your call. The ball’s in your court!

  • Call us at (877) 770-4285. We’ll be fast to answer you.
  • Ask about our cost estimates and we’ll be happy to prepare one for you.
  • Then, choose an appointment day and time.
  • We’ll give you our 2-hour arrival window. Expect us then!
  • Don’t want to call? Then book online.

Junk removal call center representative